Our Services

With over twenty years of experience, we value the time tested approaches to building your dream home, from building a solid relationship with our customers to the final details' attention!


Here at San Juan Contracting, we know the construction and truly value the building experience!

First, we build on the solid principles of integrity, honesty, and trust. We stand behind these principles from site preparation to planning, building, and the final walk-through.

We work closely with our clients, maintaining the flexibility to meet their design needs, and making adjustments in a timely fashion.

Our custom homes meet or exceed the latest required building codes, focusing on green and sustainable building practices, translating into a serious cost-saving over time.

We also encourage setting up meetings during the building process, so you have a first-hand view of how your custom home is being built. This allows for one-on-one conversations.


When it comes to design, we draw on our many years of experience to provide options that are visually appealing visually and are extremely functional, considering the movement and flow of how each room will be used.

We value time-honored and proven solutions to design needs that elevate each space's unique personality and its relation to the immediate environment surrounding it and how it fits into the whole living space.


Re-Model or re-build? That can sometimes be the question!

Often, the home location is perfect, but the home itself needs some serious consideration; at this point, it is sometimes better to tear down and begin with a clean slate. This often affords you the home of your dreams without giving up the location of your dreams!

If the decision is to re-model, we are masters at giving any house a new look, whether inside or out, from a new roof to a new looking bathroom, from real stone to beautiful kitchen cabinets.

Landscaping and Outdoor Living Spaces

If it's outdoor living or dynamic landscaping, we do both!
San Juan Contracting can provide beautiful outdoor living spaces uniquely crafted to fit your lifestyle.

We create outdoor kitchens complete with grills, pizza ovens, fire pits, washbasins, and much more! Whether gathering with friends and family around a beautiful stone fire pit or celebrating a special birthday under a vine-covered pergola, complete with a flowing waterfall, we can design and build those environments that will compliment your memories for years to come!